William Carr


After growing up in North Carolina and Georgia and attending Georgia Tech, Bill
decided to see what snowy winters were like and went to Cornell Law School. He
initially intended to return to the south, but on a whim, he decided to give New York City
a try. As soon as he arrived, the big city cast its spell.

Bill started his legal career at the IP boutique Kenyon & Kenyon (now part of Andrews
Kurth) and quickly realized the glamorous life of a litigator was not for him. After
countless nights of sleeplessness and endless brief writing, Bill thought that
transactional work might be more interesting and, hopefully, less acrimonious.

Using the services of a legal recruiter and riding the wave of work created by the dot
com era, Bill switched from IP litigation to corporate work and lateraled to the charming,
mid-sized firm, Christy & Viener. The work was a sophisticated mix of M&A, IP
transactions and finance deals for medium-sized clients. The firm and its charm were
eventually lost through mergers with larger firms. While the work was challenging, Bill
began to feel unsatisfied as a lawyer.

Intrigued by the calls he received from recruiters, he was attracted to the idea of
building relationships with lawyers and helping them decide what opportunities, if any,
could enhance their professional and personal lives. No acrimony and helping his
clients have improved his life considerably.

Having been possessed by the charms of the city for 20 years now, Bill clings to
whatever amount of southern charm has not been chipped away. In his downtime, Bill
is a competitive swimmer and has done some insane open water swims, such as 10k
swims in the Hudson River and Biscayne Bay. He has also completed four Tough

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