Our Process

Preferred Placement Recruiting Process

Collaboration is the hallmark of our recruiting process, and this paradigm flows through our relationships with clients, candidates, and colleagues.

We Develop a Close and Effective Partnership with our Clients

Through listening, research, and experience, we will understand your hiring needs and your company’s culture and values. Continuous communication will enable us to tailor the search in real time and deliver the successful outcomes you desire.

Our Services are Delivered by a Talented Team of Recruiters

Each assignment receives the personal attention of a Principal, as well as an experienced recruiter. We are colleagues who trust each other, personally and professionally. This collegial relationship provides value to clients and candidates as our individual insights and networks are brought to bear on the assignment at hand. There is no internal competition at Preferred Placement.

Our Network and Research are Best in Class

Since 1988, we have been at the forefront of legal and compliance recruiting. Over these years, we have developed a vast network of industry connections and stellar, qualified candidates. Through relevant referrals, targeted research, and other proprietary resources, we identify and deliver candidates with the right skills, experience and values.

We Engage Our Candidates

Once identified as having the appropriate experience and qualifications, candidates and potential candidates are contacted by a recruiter for initial vetting as well as gauging interest in the opportunity. After a thorough review, we devote the time to meet each one (in person when possible or virtually, when necessary) to ensure the perfect fit. For the benefit of both clients and candidates, we only present those candidates who are viable for the position. With the candidate’s express permission, we forward their resume to the client.

No Task in the Recruitment Life Cycle is Insignificant

We continue with the process until completion. Scheduling, interview prepping, debriefing, providing feedback, consulting on offers and closing are all integral facets of our process.

We Welcome Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Our goal is to continuously re-define “best in class.” We welcome feedback from clients and candidates in order to improve our process and make the next search even more successful.