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Hiring can be expensive. But not nearly as expensive as the cost of hiring the wrong person.

In addition to the financial costs, a bad hire will cost you productivity, morale and reputation.

With Preferred Placement by your side, you will be presented with talented candidates you will want to hire for the long-term.

Through listening, research and experience, we will understand your hiring needs and your company’s culture and values. Continuous communication will enable us to tailor the search in real time and deliver the successful outcomes you desire.

Since 1988, Preferred Placement has been at the forefront of legal and compliance recruiting. Over these years, we have developed a vast network of industry connections and stellar, qualified candidates. Through relevant referrals, targeted research, and other proprietary resources, we identify and deliver candidates with the right skills, experience and values.

Our goal is laser focused – providing the best candidates, building successful teams, and creating value through excellent service.

Almost thirty years ago, a Fortune 50, multinational company honored us with an assignment to recruit a junior corporate attorney. That attorney is now the General Counsel of that company.

This is one example, out of thousands, over the last three decades.

Preferred Placement is ready to go to work for you.