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Stuart Angowitz, Principal


Throughout my life and career, different people have mentored and influenced me. I am grateful to every one of them. However, if I had to choose one constant, it would have to be my brother. This influence has occurred more by observation and emulation than by any formal mentor-mentee relationship. My father died when I was young. My brother (who is 12 years older than me) has been the predominant male role model in my life. By observing the manner in which he conducts his life, I have learned the importance of family, responsibility, empathy, humility and humor. These traits are important facets of one's life.


I enjoy reading about history, predominantly military history involving the United States. I tend to focus more on authors than on specific books. David McCullough, Stephen Ambrose and Rick Atkinson are a few of my favorites. However, I find historical fiction to be extremely enjoyable. In historical fiction, the events are accurate but, the characters participating in the events are given a voice. My favorite author in this genre is Jeff Shaara. His father Michael wrote Killer Angels about the battle of Gettysburg. Jeff picked up from there with numerous books about The Civil War and others. They are fantastic.


I practiced law for about a dozen years at a terrific midsize law firm and then became general counsel of a real estate company. Although I enjoyed the practice, ultimately I was drawn towards business. Joining Anne at Preferred Placement provided me the opportunity to help grow the company while having the ability to coach baseball and soccer for both of our sons. Since Preferred Placement serves the legal profession, it also allowed me to stay connected to the law. I talk with lawyers every day, deal with hiring managers, and enjoy the work of building a successful enterprise.


My two favorite hobbies are golf and cycling. When I'm on my bicycle riding the roads and around the reservoirs near home, or on bike trips around the country, my mind is totally cleared of distractions. I feel terrific afterward and the experience is wonderful. I also love golf because of the precision it requires and the inability to get anywhere close to that precision. It is the greatest and most frustrating game I have ever played. Again, you're out in a beautiful setting. Something to focus on when the game goes downhill. The title of the John Feinstein book, is dead on; A Good Walk Spoiled. But I love playing golf.


For the foreseeable future, I see a tremendous amount of growth in all regulated industries. This is true for both lawyers and compliance professionals. Particularly interesting is the compliance industry as it is a newer field for lawyers. Lawyers still have a misconception as to what compliance entails, believing that it is a back office function. But, the smartest, most innovative attorneys we know have been moving into that field because of how important and prevalent it is, and will continue to be.


Our recruiters and staff focus on delivering the absolute highest level of service. We make a concerted effort to be the best recruiters. We make sure to fully satisfy our clients' hiring needs with the right candidates. We get to know our clients and their culture. We are proactive in alerting our clients to industry trends and the availability of candidates that will succeed in their organizations, even when they are not in the midst of a formal search. We care about the success and happiness of our candidates. We follow the success of their careers. There have been times when we have advised candidates not to take a position, because we felt that it was not the right one for them. Lawyers and compliance professionals, who know us, know we do not view them as a product to sell to our clients. We care about them.


Emory University Law School, JD

State University of New York at Albany, BA

Youth Renewal Fund, Board Member

Columbia Presbyterian's Children's Hospital, Contributor